The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films (II)

Some times you deliver a job and never hear another word. This can be disconcerting. One minute you are intensely focussed on a mission. The next you are alone watching your child cycle off, without the trainer-wheels, suddenly redundant.

Other times it is very different.


  • sjukmidlands

    And very well deserved applause for you too! (As I know, as I was standing next to you) As everyone there appreciated I’m sure, the book design is beautiful and fully compliments Doug’s wonderful work. Great pity I wasn’t able to get to the concert afterwards, but I do go to lot’s of Proms there (and usually stand in the arena just in front of where you were sitting!) The power of music is amazing.

  • Kate Mayfield

    I was so sorry to have missed this! But the next best thing has been to read about it. Sounds like an incredible evening for you and well deserved.

  • James Ellis

    Thanks for sharing the excitement of the night. Creatives may often bob around the edges of such nights, but to be immersed in the experience & share the limelight is a rare, and obviously deserved, privilege. Well done.

  • IvyManilow

    And I feel much richer for knowing you petal. Congratulations, I feel moved to name a biscuit after you. What’s your favourite?

  • ivymanilowcomesclean

    Oops! I forgot to upload my photo. I quite like the question mark actually, makes me seem quite mysterious, petal.

  • Gary Day-Ellison

    Ivy! Welcome, dearie. You may find some people you know in these parts. I am very partial to Cantuccini. Posh, eh?

  • Magpie

    I was thrilled to learn you were at the signing table. We Tolkien fans know how to get excited about things, don’t we? Wonderful report from a unique perspective.

  • Sven

    glad you could use my photo of you in your blog. And also thrilled to have Doug use my photo in his blog as well. Good to talk with you about the book during the intermission. Well done with the layout. Cheers, Sven

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